Founded in July 2007, Hangzhou Wawayu is an animation content company focusing on animation development and animation production with cartoon, animation and animation film business as the core.
The company's main animation works include "Unparalleled Black and White", "Legend of Sho", "God Cook", "The Leader" and so on. Animated films include “Luckly Star” and so on.Comic works include "Human Evolution", "Speed Line", "Republican Strange House Biography", "Legend of Sho" and so on.
Wawayu Animation Company is headquartered in Hangzhou, China. It has branches in Beijing, Chengdu and Guangzhou. It currently has more than 270 employees and an office area of over 3,200 square meters.
In 2018, Wawayu Animation Company expects to make animation over 1000 minutes, and earn 50 million yuan in income. Since 2006, the company has received a multi-round investment by LONGTU GAME, YOUGET, CHINA LITERATURE and BILIBILI, with a total of nearly 80 million yuan.
  1. National husband
    Lu Jinnian and Anhao were forced to marry because of their parents. Anhao thinks their marriage is a sham.
  2. Unparalleled Black and White
    There is another world intertwined with the edge of our world, and a group of two-person professional teams travel from one world to another every day. They come and go without trace, and they are savvy and powerful. They take the human soul and maintain the balance between the Yin and the Yang, they are black and white.
  3. CRONO
    Our story starts on a spaceship called the‘CORNO’. The three children on the spaceship form Team CORNO , who shoulder the great responsibilitiy to protect chronos security.
  4. The Leader
    "All the work I do, the goal is to help the poor who are the majority of the world.” Marx was born in an ordinary family in a German town, where he met his lover Yani. After graduating from college, Marx met the wealthy Engels. The two people who share the common ideal of proletarian revolution will bring great changes to the world.
  5. God Cook
    The heroine passed through the ancient times and became Ye Jiayao, who met the royal family and the dignitaries. At the same time, she was involved in the inexplicable struggle due to the disputes of love and interests. As the story goes deeper, the inner world of the dignitaries will also be revealed in front of the audience. And behind the ambition, there are real sentiments.
  6. Luckly Star
    The film tells that the Tianpeng was greedy for food, and he fell into the mortal world and became a pig named Zhu Xiaoba. By chance, Zhu Xiaoba met the Yu from Gao Village Hotel. In order to learn the culinary skills of food, Zhu Xiaoba followed Yu to Luckly Star Town, and since then he has been involved in the competition between Gao Village an Zhu Village,which keeps two hundred years…